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What would your business and socials look like if you had a dedicated trained person that takes over your content ideation, research, editing, creation and upload so that you can focus on yourself and higher ROI activities?

Your business will explode! Your socials will explode!

Our mission

IGM Marketplace #1 goal and purpose is to get business owners and page owners to save time connecting with managers to scale and grow their socials fast.

Get a premium service & free access to IGM Marketplace with dozens of qualified managers ready to commit.

Treat your social media with excellence.

Hire committed managers that make your page their daily mission and purpose.

Build your in-house team, save thousands of $$ on expensive retainer fees and unqualified $5/hr VA’s and managers. 

Work only with committed US, Australian & European based IG managers that master social media and ensure A+ work and delivery to grow fast, increase online presence,…

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Growing With IG Managers is Simple.

We make it easy to find, onboard, and work with A+ Managers to boost growth while working less on content ideation & content creation, so you can focus on your business instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not convinced yet?

We make it easy to find, onboard and work with +A Managers to boost sales & growth while working less so you can focus on your business.

Yes. We built this platform so that you can build out your entire content creation and management team using experienced IG managers.

Nope! We also work with brands, theme pages, personal brands, etc!

This will vary widely depending on the niche, role responsibilities, manager experience, and quality of work.

In general, our IG managers operate on a $500 base per month for full management.

Another factor to consider is whether you’ll be asking the managers to edit, create, and develop the entire strategy from scratch, or if you already have a basis to work from.
We attract a wide range of talent and top-rated managers certified by our university.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes optimize their approach, from those $500-$1,000 monthly budgets to businesses paying +$12,000 for building and growing a page from scratch.

Any paid content creation and management project that you need:

  • Full account management (content, posting, comments, and DM management)
  • Hiring a manager to help with content editing and content creation (copywriting, edits, etc.)
  • IG ads/shoutout campaigns run by a dedicated shoutout manager.
  • Assisting with sales, helping with outbounds, setting…

This is for paid gigs only. We support our managers, and they support us.

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